Higher Education for Care Leavers

The UK is miles ahead of Australia when it comes to supporting Care Leavers to study at universities and other institutions  for post-secondary schooling.

What’s more, the UK is making a determined effort to increase the number of Care Leavers entering and staying in education after the age of 16. We all know the close correlation between a good education and whole-of-life chances, so this is a smart move.

Many British tertiary institutions offer special support including

  • bursaries and scholarships,
  • year round accommodation and
  • designated staff acting as contact and support people.

Some even have a dedicated webpage for Care Leavers to tell them about help that is available.

Have a look at this Higher Education Handbook for Care Leavers

In Australia, it’s still the case that young people leaving ‘care’ are not encouraged to think about university – and, unlike in the UK, there are no funds for that purpose.


Another  informative  website 

An extract from the site: INFORMATION FOR CARE LEAVERS

Whether you are a looked after child or care leaver- look out for further education colleges and universtities that have been accredited with the Quality Mark.

It ensures that the institution is commited to you and at the very least you can expect

  • A named contact. Every college with the Quality Mark has someone who is there to support Looked After Children and Care Leavers. They will talk to you about what they can offer you.
  • Money. Specific financial support for students who have been in care – this might be a bursary (money to help you during your course which you don’t have to pay back), or advice about what extra funding you might be entitled to as a care leaver.
  • Accommodation. If you need help with where you are living while at college there is someone you can speak to.
  • Support. Someone to talk to about anything you are worried about, no matter what it is. This person can support you personally or will direct you to someone else who can.

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