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An Orphan’s Escape: Memories of a lost childhood.   Lothian Books, Melbourne, 2005. This is the only book I am selling at the moment.  More information, including reviews and purchasing, here.
With Sharon Guy, The Re-Discovery of the Ballarat Orphanage’s Arthur Kenny Avenue: Commemorative Booklet, Ballarat Child & Family Services, 2012. CAFS in Ballarat has issued an updated version taking into account that the Avenue was relocated to Fortune Street in 2015.
Private Lives: Your guide to privacy law in Victoria.  Victoria Law Foundation, Melbourne, 2003.  A quick guide to Victorian and Commonwealth privacy laws.
Body Corporate: a quick guide to the law in Victoria. Victoria Law Foundation, 2005. An earlier version previously published as Common Ground: Your guide to body corporate law and living, Victoria Law Foundation, Melbourne, 2002.
Rural Law Handbook, With Tony Smith and Jan Bowen. Victoria Law Foundation, Melbourne, 2002,  A best-seller now adapted as an online service.
You and the Law: Children’s rights and responsibilities.  With Therese Fitzgerald. Melbourne, MacMillan, 1994.  Republished as How Laws Protect You, MacMillan, 1996.
Children and Laws around the World.  With Therese Fitzgerald. Melbourne, MacMillan, 1994.  Republished as Protecting Children Around the World, MacMillan, 1996.
Compendium of Good Practice: The role of schools in the vocational preparation of Australia’s senior secondary students.  NBEET, AGPS 1995.  How schools and TAFE institutions coordinate vocational programs.
The Middle East in Focus: Combating prejudice in schools.  With Cavell Zangalis, Jillian Wright and Celia Meehan. Melbourne, DSE, 1992.  A rapid response to racial prejudice in the wake of the first Gulf War.


The Social Justice Framework. With Helen Praetz and Andrew Sturman. Melbourne, State Board of Education and Office of Schools Administration 1991.  An elegant conceptual map for navigating social justice in schools.


Polycom SamPolycompler: Readings in the development of education in and for, a multicultural society.  As compiler/editor. Ministry of Education, Melbourne, 1988.  A compilation of the ’best’ articles from Polycom over more than a decade.


General Studies in the Open Classroom.  With Doug Poad. Sydney,  Angus and Robertson, 1973.  A book in the Teacher Education Series.General-Studies

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