Author, researcher, historian, consultant: Honorary Research Fellow at Federation University in Victoria, Australia

A warm welcome to my Website. My special interests include:   child & family welfare, institutions, education, social history, social justice, and human rights.

FG PHOTO Nat Lib 2010My formal qualifications: TPTC (Ballarat), BA (Melb), BEd (Melb), Dip MT (UNE), MA (Hons) (London).

My first career: taught English & History in several schools and was Principal at three schools including a multi-site English language centre for refugees and other new arrivals.

My second career: taught in and managed curriculum and equity programs in education departments and universities.

My third career: author of 12 published books including a memoir, An Orphan’s Escape: Memories of a Lost Childhood (Lothian, 2005) which describes my childhood and my extended family history is in a forthcoming book with the (new) working title That’s Not My Child:  a family at warWatch this space.

My memoir is sold out - and out of print - but I have a few copies available.
My memoir is sold out – and out of print – but I have a few copies available.

An extended (217 minutes) oral history interview is held at the National Library of Australia. Listen if you like.

A childhood as a Ward of the State of Victoria in the ‘care’ of three foster mothers and three institutions underpins my active involvement in ‘care’ leaver issues as an advocate and lobbyist. The Ballarat Orphanage (pictured above) was my home from 1943 to 1953.

I am a Life Member of CLAN (Care Leavers of Australasia Network) the peak body of Care Leavers for Care leavers run by Care Leavers. More about CLAN here.